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Sleep Better with Tension Ease
The Tension Ease orthopedic mattress is specially designed to allow you to sleep better with these innovative features that ensure a stress-free sleeping experience every time.
Durable Tempered Steel Marshall Coil Unit
High tensile strength steel coils are individually encased in high density specially designed fabric to minimize friction and noise while maximizing wear strength.
Encased coils are then ultrasonically welded together and along the top creating a high
strength bond.
Shape-Conforming Comfort
These bonded coils contour and adjust to the body's individual shape and weight relieving pressure points for exceptional comfort and support.
No Motion Transfer
Individualized comfort decreases the transfer of motion from a sleeper to their partner - more restful sleep for couples!
Luxurious Eco-Friendly Comfort Layers
A variety of eco-friendly foams and fibers are used, including high density visco memory foam, for luxurious comfort and support.
Never Needs Flipping or Turning
Tension Ease is a one-sided mattress and never needs flipping or turning.
Tension Ease mattresses feature the latest luxury covers and are available in a variety of comfort levels.
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